The Pigskin Prophet


Training camp is here! The NFL season is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. Players from all over have descended upon camp armed with contract demands and quality painkillers. So far nothing truly eventful has happened. I was personally hoping they would charge Aaron Hernandez with a couple more murders before camp kicked off. Instead we have to wait until the two trials he has pending.

The Pigskin Prophet is just the kind of lame name that attracts a lot of traffic so I figured I have nothing to lose here except dignity. It’s not like I’m going to post some ridiculous predictions on here however if the Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl my friend Don Takano will wear a bikini top for a whole day. Still not enough for me to ever root for those pathetic losers.

At the end of the day there are plenty of football blogs written by F-list open mic comics and I’m glad you chose mine. If you’re not a total Neanderthal I suggest subscribing in one of the boxes to the left. That way you won’t miss a syllable of my musings. God forbid Aaron Hernandez kills again I break the story and you miss it. Well I must say this post isn’t bad for week one of training camp. Next week I might actually talk about football a little.

Quick thoughts:

New Orleans did just enough this offseason to make that defense nasty. If Drew Brees stays on par with his previous level of play I expect them to make a run at San Francisco and Seattle…..Philadelphia looks to have that division won already. It’s weak and despite losing Desean Jackson I feel a full year of Nick Foles and a healthy Jeremy Maclin make them the clear cut front runners in the East…..The NFC West is brutal. San Francisco and Seattle aren’t sneaking up on anyone but Arizona quietly went 10-6 last year while missing the playoffs. Throw in a much improved St. Louis team (especially along their defensive line) and that looks to be the most competitive division in the league…..Detroit has more offensive weapons than Israel but they’ll still figure out a way to miss the playoffs. Again…..Ray Rice only receiving a two game suspension is laughable. Makes those Bountygate suspensions look a little excessive now.

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