The struggle man, it’s real.


Anyone who has spent more than 15 seconds at a bus stop in Los Angeles has probably overheard or (more likely) has had an insane person aggressively spew this wonderful piece of nonsense three inches from their face “This is LA man!  The struggle is real man!  Everbody just tryin’ to get their grind on, you know?  Just about gettin’ seen man.  Everbody doin’ it.  Just gotta keep on…”  I have personally had at least 15,000 people share this incisive tidbit with me.  They all follow the same script too.  Is there a manual I never read because I was born here in Los Angeles County?  Did I miss out on a killer book on tape because I didn’t have the gumption to take a bus here from Hogfuck, Arkabama?  I think the answer is more ridiculous than most would believe.

Having grown up here in the Los Angeles area I have had the pleasure over the years of encountering several amazing people from all walks of life.  Sure some of them have been actors, musicians, producers and other entertainment types but most are regular everyday working people.  Teachers, lawyers, accountants, construction workers.   People from almost every field one could think of.  Guess what?  Every single one of them struggles or has struggled immensely at some point.  Not just successful people, all people.  Struggling doesn’t guarantee any measurable form of success.  It just means you are just like 99% of the world. Sorry to break it to you   You’re not that special.  That’s the problem with aspiring artists.  Most are delusional to put it mildly.

Sorry to break it to most of the people “grinding” in LA but it just won’t happen for you.  It’s the cruel reality of show business.  It takes years of hard work (something I hate therefore I’m content with my failures).  I’m also not trying to bully people that have moved here from other places.  I have visited those places and I would leave too.  I guess the point of this post is to express my disgust for people that have a sense of entitlement just because they’re putting forth some effort at something they may suck at. That and how some people feel because they’re attempting a career in entertainment their struggle is for some reason more important than what the rest of the world goes through.  Everyone struggles so just fucking deal with it.

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