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The Pigskin Prophet Pt. 2


Well the clock keeps ticking toward opening weekend but all we have to show for it is this garbage period known as preseason.  If we all cross our fingers we can only hope to slip into comas that will take us to opening kickoff.  Until then let’s take a look around the league…..Calling the first preseason game between two also rans the Hall of Fame Game does more to take away integrity from the Hall Of Fame than the induction of a punter.  No offense Ray Guy.  You deserve it…..The Miami Dolphins have debuted a new team credo this season in light of the 2013 bullying scandal that is eerily similar to the credo of the US Army.  If you want to distance yourself from cruelty and oppression you might not want to model your standards after the US military…..The NCAA’s reaction to the O’Bannon decision is hilarious.  Of course they “disagree” with a landmark legal ruling that will forever alter the landscape of college sports and cost them billions in revenue.  Combine that with the announcement that the five power conferences will now be allowed to basically write their own rules and we are witnessing the early stages of death in the cancer known as the NCAA…..Kansas City has so much speed in the backfield they might have to start paying a cartel tax…..College football players that transfer the first week of training camp probably wish they could take all the team balls home with them too…..That’s all I have this week.  Next week I’ll have much more after I spend the weekend polishing my third eye.